The Right Fit

Yeo & Yeo provides the venue for individuals who have the desire and drive to grow as leaders in the accounting industry. Our standards are extremely high, but our atmosphere is lively, friendly and stimulating. Here are the top five reasons that we believe make us the right fit.

#5 Our Firm

Yeo & Yeo is a leading Michigan accounting firm, experiencing consistent growth since its inception in 1923. We are a mid-size firm with nine offices throughout Michigan, three affiliates, 30 partners and more than 200 professionals, and we are a member of the Leading Edge Alliance. We have the resources and capabilities to compete with the largest of firms, but with the service and personal attention of a local firm.

We foster an open-door environment as reflected by our staff-per-principal ratio. Our professional staff-to-Principal ratio is about 4-1; national firms range from 10-to-1 to 20-to-1. This is a conscious decision by our Principals that allows each of them to be directly involved with each client and work more closely with individual staff members.

#4 Work Experience Diversity

What does a firm of Yeo & Yeo’s size offer its employees in work diversity that’s different from other firms? Team members at Yeo & Yeo have the chance to get involved in various types of client engagements and work with clients early on in their careers. You will experience a variety of opportunities to expand interest and expertise areas and see what fits for you. When you find what it is you love to do, we know you will succeed.

#3 Outstanding Career Development Support

Our service is only as strong as our employees and the knowledge and skill they bring to clients.

Yeo & Yeo’s Training Department provides the technical and professional development training you need to excel in your profession and provide high-level expertise to our clients.

Yeo & Yeo's Career Advocacy Team aims to further assist our emerging leaders in rising to the top. The team's core focus areas include career development strategies, leadership development, alternative career paths and flexible work arrangements.

#2 An Amazing Environment

Work hard, play hard is just one of the mottos around the firm. Whether for team building or just plain fun, we celebrate our successes and take time to cultivate our friendships with year-round social events and activities. From office parties and team retreats to our Yeo & Yeo sports teams – accountants have fun too!

Yes, we do work hard, but we know the value of a flexible work arrangement. Our flexible work arrangements are not "one size fits all" rather they allow for customization to better fit your needs. Work-life flexibility is not only encouraged at Yeo & Yeo, but it’s an important piece of our firm’s culture. We offer the opportunity to choose between overtime bonus pay or the ability to flex your time, or in other words, bank your hours for future time off. If you would like to learn more and get specific examples about our flexible work arrangements, read the stories of our women leaders.

We also believe in staying ahead in the industry and, our affiliate, Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting, allows us to accomplish this goal. At Yeo & Yeo, you’ll find a state-of-the-art workplace that features a paperless initiative, remote access, dual monitors, and the latest software and computer technologies.

#1 Our People

Yeo & Yeo has a strong reputation in the market for its professionalism and high quality work. It’s the contributions and commitment of our people who have shaped our reputation and helped to uphold it through the generations. We have a team of intelligent, ambitious and outgoing individuals working together toward a common goal – delivery of quality client service. As a valued member of the team, you will be heard, you will be respected and you will be rewarded. After all, we know it’s our people that make us great!

Careers at Yeo & Yeo

Careers at Yeo & Yeo

At Yeo & Yeo, we make it our goal to hire passionate, driven, intelligent, diverse and enthusiastic problem solvers.

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