3 Ways That Internal Controls Can Increase Efficiency

Jamie Rivette

Discussions about internal controls often center on mitigation of risk, fraud and unforeseen cost. Yet, internal controls – when thoughtfully designed and diligently implemented – can increase organizational efficiency and save you money. Below are three ways that internal controls can boost efficiency and reduce costs for your organization. ... Learn More


Consider Outsourcing These Four HR Functions

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

Managing human resource demands can be overwhelming when you have limited personnel. Small businesses are finding that outsourcing some of their HR functions gives them more time to focus on business growth and other opportunities. When deciding which human resources tasks to outsource, here are four areas to consider. Payroll P... Learn the 4 functions

Piggy Bank

Six Cash Flow Management Tips

Andrew Jarmon

One of the biggest financial challenges that small business owners face is supervision of cash flow. Managing cash flow is of the utmost importance, and incorrect management of your cash flow could result in significant cash flow gaps and can put a healthy company out of business. A cash flow gap transpires when your business expenses (cash... Learn the Six Cash Flow Management Tips


Webinar: Revenue Recognition - What Manufacturers and Contractors Need to Know About the New Standard

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

Wednesday, November 7, 201811:30 AM - 12:30 PM EST Register for the webinar Concerned about revenue recognition's impact on your business? With the deadline quickly approaching for private companies to implement the new revenue recognition standard by January 1, 2019, it is critical that all businesses assess and plan... Read more about the webinar


4 Nonprofit Tax Updates You Should Know

Mary Kreider

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is expected to cause some challenges for most in the nonprofit industry. While several significant tax law changes took effect in 2018, you should know and understand four of them now. Two of the provisions that are most likely to affect your nonprofit organization are changes in unrelated business taxable i... Learn about the 4 updates


Don’t Forget! Year-end Audit Submission Reminders

Brian R. Dixon

My annual audit is done. Now what? Many year-end deadlines and reporting requirements need to be carried out after your audit is completed. November 1 is the deadline to submit the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) audit package. The audit package includes: 1.MDE Required Reporting Package Data Collection Form (DCF) ... Don't forget!