Increase Accounting Department Efficiency

Ali N. Barnes

Inefficiency is the downward slope that can take an organization from the top of its game to a place where employees are frustrated, unhappy, and the organizations goals are more challenging to achieve. Turning around an inefficient environment requires change. Change is often difficult, which is why inefficiency is frequently ignored. E... Learn More

A Growing Focus on Related Party Transactions

Taylor Diener

While the requirements governing related party transactions are nothing new, lately there has been an increased focus on the proper documentation, disclosure, and audit procedures required for these types of items. Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 62, paragraphs 54 through 57, provide guidance on the disclosur... Learn More

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Overview

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

The biggest tax bill in 30+ years has redefined the tax landscape. We are proud to offer our clients and friends an overview of some of the key changes affecting individual and business taxpayers. Individuals: Have you reviewed how your situation will differ from 2017 to 2018 and beyond? Learn about the new tax brackets, exemptions ... Learn More

Nonprofit Quick Tip: Whistleblower Policy

Bradley DeVries

How would your employees, board or even you go about reporting suspected misconduct, fraud or violations of policies and procedures? If you don’t know, then you should refer to your organization’s whistleblower policy, and if you find that your organization does not have one, now is the time to consider adopting one. Adopting whistle... Learn More

Do You Have Your A-Team?

Jennifer Tobias

When you hear “The A-Team,” you may immediately think of the hit television show that aired in the 1980s or the 2010 movie with the same name but, as a business owner, have you considered who your A-Team is? Successful business owners know their products or services. They know how to manufacture, grow or develop their products in efficie... Learn More

IRS Releases Draft of 2019 Form W-4

Christine Porras

The proposed 2019 Form W-4 reflects major changes including the elimination of the number of allowances, and the new marital status box – Head of Household. At this time, all current employees’ W-4 forms are still valid. However, all new employees hired after December 31, 2018, and all employees filing exempt in 2018, will need to us... Learn More

I-9 Compliance Crackdown – How to Be Prepared for an I-9 Audit

Christine Porras

The law prohibits employers from hiring anyone who is not legally authorized to work in the country. It is up to the employer to verify that their workers are eligible to work. This happens during the hiring process when the new employee completes Form I-9. Access an updated Form I-9: Learn More

Social Security Administration Sending ‘No Match’ Notices

Christine Porras

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has begun mailing notifications to businesses and third parties who submitted 2017 W-2 forms that contained name and Social Security number (SSN) combinations that did not match the SSA records. The purpose of these notifications is to prepare employers for the 2018 W-2 filing deadline. These noti... Learn More

2019 Multifamily Property Management Fee Announcements

Bradley DeVries

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Rural Development (RD) recently released the allowable multifamily property management fees for 2019. MSHDA The maximum fees allowed by MSHDA for the 2019 calendar year are as follows: Management fee per unit - $527 Premium ... Learn More

The TCJA Prohibits Undoing 2018 Roth IRA Conversions, 2017 Conversions Are Eligible

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA can provide tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals in retirement. But what if you convert your traditional IRA — subject to income taxes on all earnings and deductible contributions — and then discover you would have been better off if you hadn’t converted it? Before the Tax Cuts ... Learn More