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External Factors in a Business Valuation

Christopher Sheridan

Do you know what your business is worth right now? Practically speaking, it is worth what the highest bidder is willing to pay for it -- no more or no less. Nevertheless, by taking all the relevant factors into account, you can position yourself for the best possible deal. The first step is to have a business valuation prepared for your comp... Do you know what your business is worth?


Expenses that Teachers can and can’t Deduct on Their Tax Returns

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

As teachers head back for a new school year, they often pay for various expenses for which they don’t receive reimbursement. Fortunately, they may be able to deduct them on their tax returns. However, there are limits on this special deduction, and some expenses can’t be written off. For 2019, qualifying educators can deduct some of their u... Learn more about the expenses teachers can't deduct

Manage the Click Risk

Tim Crosson, Jr.

School districts manage many traditional risks, including operational, compliance and program risks, as part of their daily operations. Cybercriminals, however, are putting a new risk on your radar – the “click risk.” The days of obvious and even comical scams to steal your money or information are history. Today’s cybercriminals are sophist... Are you managing your click risk?


School Food Authorities Common Issues and Findings Presentation

Jennifer M. Watkins

The responsibilities of School Food Authorities (SFAs) go beyond simply managing a school’s meal programs. From organizing free and reduced lunches to purchasing equipment and determining meal prices, there are many challenges SFAs face. Check out this presentation to see some of the common problems for SFAs and how to solve them. ... View the presentation


Five Ways School Districts Work Smarter, Not Harder, When Preparing for an Audit

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

Often, when you hear that a school district is being audited, it is automatically associated with negativity. The common reactions are “What did they do wrong?” or “There must have been fraud!” However, Michigan Department of Education requires annual financial statement audits, performed in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards ... Learn five ways school districts work smarter, not harder, when preparing for an audit

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Five Questions Auditors Wish Clients Would Ask

David R. Youngstrom

We go through the annual audit process and it can at times seem routine but, in truth, how routine is anything nowadays in the finance department, business office or just in general? The real truth is that it is an opportunity worth seizing. This is the chance to ask your auditor questions in an ever changing environment. I have pulled t... Learn about the five questions


Records Retention Guidelines to Remember During Spring Cleaning

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

Warm weather and rainy days bring the urge to purge. But before you clean your file cabinets or declutter your computer files, it's important to review these guidelines. Federal Tax Records Most tax advisors recommend that you retain copies of your finished tax returns indefinitely to prove that you actually filed. Even if you don't keep th... Learn more


Look Out for These Five Fraud Perpetrators

Amy Buben

The Embezzler. The Common Thief. The Hacker. The Inventor. The Glutton. No, these aren't cartoon villains. They're all-too-real occupational fraud perpetrators who fleeced their employers of thousands — or even millions — of dollars. Although we've attached the names to actual criminals in cases reported by the U.S. Justice D... Look out