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Two Extended Credits Can Save Businesses Taxes on Their 2015 Returns

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The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act) extended a wide variety of tax breaks, in some cases making them permanent. Extended breaks include many tax credits — which are particularly valuable because they reduce taxes dollar-for-dollar (compared to deductions, for example, which reduce only the amoun... Learn More

Why are Written Policies and Procedures so Essential for Not-for-Profits?

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The importance of written policies and procedures for a not-for-profit organization is evident now more than ever before. By definition, they are a set of principles, rules and guidelines formulated and adopted by an organization to reach its long-term goals, typically published in a booklet or other form that is widely accessible. Wel... Learn Why

Fit Finances for 2016

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Have you achieved all of the goals you set for 2015? If some of your 2015 New Year's resolutions remain unresolved, don't get discouraged. There's no time like the present to cross a few items off your to-do list after the holidays. Doing so will ward off the post-holiday blues and set a positive tone for achieving the rest of your per...