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Land As Your Legacy®

We understand transitioning your family farm or ranch can be overwhelming without a plan in place.

Ninety-seven percent of all farms in the United States are family-owned, but the vast majority of those operations do not have a succession plan in place. In today’s agribusiness environment, it is crucial to be proactive in terms of planning, because nothing is guaranteed. Succession planning can be a very emotional process for everyone involved, but it is necessary to secure the future of both the farm and the individuals who take part.

Yeo & Yeo's Agribusiness Services Group is proud to partner with Nationwide's Land As Your Legacy® farm transition planning program to provide comprehensive farm transition solutions. The tax, financial and business advisors at Yeo & Yeo work with your family to prepare a plan for your farm that is beneficial and agreed upon by all generations.

Are you ready to take control of the financial future of your farm?

Yeo & Yeo can help farm families implement various succession strategies depending on each family’s situation and needs. The Land As Your Legacy® program and transition planning tool for farmers and ranchers includes discussions and solutions on the following:

  • Succession planning – determining the best way to transition the farm to the next generation
  • Business planning – ensuring the future of the farm; is it economically viable for the next generation?
  • Risk management – identify risks involved in global markets, weather and natural disasters, investments and the owners’ retirement and business plan, and manage potential issues now
  • Financial independence – safeguarding the exiting generation with enough compensation to live on, as well as enough compensation for the succeeding generation to be stable in taking over operations
  • Estate planning services – creating an organized estate in the event of a family member’s death

Contact your Yeo & Yeo professional to build a comprehensive succession plan that begins years before is critical to start transitioning the family farm to the next generation.


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