Practice Continuation Agreements

Practice Continuation Agreements

Do you have a plan for your public accounting practice?

You have spent your life building your public accounting practice. You have gained the trust of countless clients. You want to ensure your practice continues if something were to happen to you.  

Yeo & Yeo can help your clients experience a smooth transition and ensure that the needs of your employees and family are met if something should happen. Our team of professionals can be there to assist you and your successors, whether in an emergency, temporary relief or as a planned transition, with an established Practice Continuation Agreement.

What is a Practice Continuation Agreement?

A Practice Continuation Agreement (PCA) helps protect your public accounting practice, the business interests of your clients, and the financial interests of you and your family in the event something happens to you. PCAs can be used for succession planning as well as emergency, temporary or permanent solutions. When evaluating firms to enter into a PCA with, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Does the firm have the ability and resources to provide the required services for your clients?
  • Does the firm have the capacity to immediately absorb a surge in client services and operating expenses?
  • Is the firm located in proximity to your clients for one-on-one, personal service?

There are advantages to entering into an agreement with an established, local practitioner who knows the ropes and is more likely able to retain your clients and make the combined practice a success. Yeo & Yeo has the resources, experience and capacity to take outstanding care of your clients. We will work closely with you to tailor a PCA to meet your needs and the needs of your clients.

Don’t wait for a crisis to put a plan in place

The worst time to discuss transitions with clients and make decisions is during a crisis. Our goals include practice continuation planning, avoiding losses of clients, keeping them happy and allaying their fears about changes in service and operations. An organized transition that is well communicated to clients is a big step toward attaining those goals and maximizing the return value of your practice. A PCA with Yeo & Yeo puts a plan into place for us to step in and manage your practice in the event you are unable to — and gives you peace of mind.

For more information on Practice Continuation Agreements, please contact Thomas Hollerback, President & CEO


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