Yeo & Yeo's Training Department

Knowledge is invaluable.

At Yeo & Yeo, we believe professional development is the key to promoting employee satisfaction and building a meaningful career. That is why we provide every employee the chance to extend their education and continue learning throughout their careers.


We take a serious approach to training. That’s why the firm employs two full-time trainers to provide the training and tools necessary for you to succeed. Our Training Manager, a CPA by trade, provides training immediately upon hire on policies and procedures as they relate to audit, compilation, review and tax, and provides ongoing training tailored for staff at all levels. Our Computer Training Specialist, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, instructs employees and clients on the basics and advanced secrets of such programs as Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks.

Our training program is very structured, yet personalized to address your individual needs. Many of the trainings satisfy the CPE requirements you need to maintain your CPA licensure. You will learn through a variety of resources including:

  • In-house training taught by our dedicated trainers
  • On-the-job training from partners and managers
  • External seminars offered by state societies
  • Subject matter experts brought in for firm-wide training
  • Live web-based learning, archived webinars and self-study opportunities

Recognizing that business development is also vital in advancing your career, we have implemented a culture that fosters business development and rainmaking success. Ongoing training, regular staff meetings and a plethora of resources all geared toward business development will help you cultivate the skills that make you a rainmaker.

Onboarding & Career Advocacy

Mentoring and coaching new staff is a vital process for developing talent at Yeo & Yeo. New employees are assigned an Onboarding Peer prior to their first day with the company and they will guide a new employee through their first 6 months with the organization. The purpose of the onboarding peer is to acclimate a new employee to Yeo & Yeo and ensure they have the necessary resources and tools to be successful in the organization. Each new employee also participates in the Clifton StrengthFinders program to discover and develop their strengths in order to achieve their greatest growth potential.

Upon completion of 6 months of employment, employees are assigned a Career Advocate to provide continual support and coaching in 8 key areas vital to career development and promotion. The Career Advocate assists the employee by providing support, development opportunities and action items to ensure they are meeting proficiency benchmarks for their current role in order to continue progressing throughout their career.

Exam & Educational Assistance

We have an award-winning CPA Certification program offering paid time off and lucrative bonuses throughout the process. We encourage and support educational advancement outside of the firm by providing a tuition reimbursement program for graduate degrees and related courses. As you grow in your career, we provide assistance for other professional and specialized licensure, helping you broaden your knowledge base and expand your skill set.

Careers at Yeo & Yeo

Careers at Yeo & Yeo

At Yeo & Yeo, we make it our goal to hire passionate, driven, intelligent, diverse and enthusiastic problem solvers.

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