Maximize Your Reimbursement With Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting 

We understand that the cost of processing your claims in-house is not only time-consuming and costly, but it is increasingly difficult to keep up to date with training and education on best practices. Our certified professional coders can provide you with advanced medical billing services for less than what it would cost you to maintain efficient medical billers on staff.

We specialize in working with sole practitioners, group medical practices, specialists and hospital-managed practices. Partnering with Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing, you can rest assured that your medical billing needs are met efficiently and accurately – so you can focus on treating your patients and growing your practice.

Experienced Medical Billers

Yeo & Yeo’s medical billing professionals receive ongoing training specific to medical specialties and maintain knowledge of insurance carrier trends and changes in billing rules and policies. Our staff is comprised of several Certified Professional Coders, the highest standard in medical coding, and are highly knowledgeable in ICD 9/10, CPT and HCPCS codes. We pride ourselves on being more than a third-party medical billing team. Our clients consider us part of their team with their best interests in mind.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

The billing specialists at Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing help you collect every dollar that you are owed. We facilitate necessary follow-up with insurance carriers and track applications through to approval and payment. Outsourcing your collections to a firm with industry-specialized medical billers will allow you and your staff to focus on patient care. We provide comprehensive monthly reports and offer many custom reports unique to your needs.

  • Capture Billable Services
  • Diagnostic and Procedural Coding
  • Credentialing
  • Proper Modifier Usage
  • Insurance Claim Filing
  • Bank Deposit Reconciliation
  • Patient Collection Procedures
  • Appeals Process Assistance
  • Detailed Monthly Reports
  • Customized Report Generation
  • Scheduling Software
  • Connectivity to the Billing System

Improving Processes Through Automation

We’ve broken new ground in applying technology to our medical billing processes. We use robotic process automation (RPA), a software bot, to complete repetitive billing tasks, streamline revenue cycle management, increase efficiency, and decrease costs. What are some other benefits?

  • Compliance
  • Consistency and Accuracy
  • Productivity

All actions are saved into an activity log that accurately depicts which processes were executed and how. With this automated audit trail, we can improve the efficiency and accuracy of regulatory reporting to increase your collection rate.

Specific tasks are performed the same way every time, resulting in increased coding accuracy.

Process cycle times can be shortened, allowing you to quickly submit claims and decrease days in A/R.

With Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting, you can be assured of:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Accurate Billing & Coding
  • Timely Follow-up on Claims
  • Low Days in A/R
  • High Collection Rate

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Kati Krueger

Kati Krueger


Medical Billing & Consulting

Having utilized Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting for the last 12 months, we simply can’t speak highly enough of Kati Krueger and her entire organization. Her team was brought in multiple times throughout the year to audit our billing system and processes. They were very detail-oriented and knowledgeable, but pleasant at the same time. We have come to rely heavily on her and her entire team. It is a vital relationship we will definitely continue.

Mahdi M.D.


Yeo & Yeo has provided medical billing services for our group for almost a dozen years. During that time, we have grown by more than 50 percent. Yeo & Yeo helped us accomplish that with their seamless processes that enabled us to generate a steady income for our physicians. There have been many changes during that time. Regardless if it was switching from paper to electronic billing, or reporting measures for PQRS, Yeo & Yeo managed each step efficiently. Their system of checks and balances assures us that our billings are submitted in a thorough and timely manner. Additionally, Kati and the others have always been readily available to answer questions and generate additional reports as the need arose. Thank you, Yeo & Yeo, for 12 years of outstanding service!

Dawnell M.D.


The benefit of working with Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting is being able to rely on a highly trained and professional team that can work effectively with providers and administrators to develop a road map for improved revenue recognition. They know how to find the immediate opportunities that make an impact.

Josh Health Administrator


Working with Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting has been a very positive experience for me as a therapist, small business owner, and husband/father. Not having to worry about the feast/famine cycle of relying on insurance companies to eventually send me my reimbursement has been such a relief. This allows me to be more present in the moment with my clients and my family, not worrying about money. There is a sense of security and support because you have a team of people available who have expertise in multiple areas, and I have found that billing is more complicated now than ever before. I highly recommend them for their work ethic too. They follow through on tasks and are very personable. I always find them to be a source of new information, and they educate me often about changes I had no idea about. 

Michael Owner


We have used Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing for several years now. The staff is professional and courteous and we can always count on them to be up to date and knowledgeable in the ever-changing world of medical billing and reimbursement. We couldn't be happier with our billing team from Yeo & Yeo!

Lisa Practice Manager