Protection From Email Attacks

Email cyberattacks interrupt business operations, cause financial damage and compromise business integrity. Yeo & Yeo Technology shields your organization with multiple layers of protection for your entire email infrastructure including gateway defense, email resiliency, fraud protection, and user security awareness.

Our Email Protection Solutions can be deployed via the cloud or on-premises and protect against malware and cybercriminals using impostor emails, and have business continuity built in,  eliminating lengthy downtime.

With features like web filtering, cloud backup and incident response technology, our email protection solutions are built for your specific needs.

Email Protection — Protect against inbound threats and prevent forwarding potentially damaging emails.

Web Protection — Safeguard your business and employees with a comprehensive internet security solution.

Email Archiving — Store critical email data with no hardware required.

Email Encryption — Encrypt valuable information and comply with industry-specific privacy regulations.