Accounting and financial management are a vital part of running a profitable medical practice.

Yeo & Yeo Medical Billing & Consulting, in partnership with Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants, provide tax, accounting and audit services, as well as the level of business and financial advice you need to make informed decisions.

Yeo & Yeo’s professionals work closely with physicians and health care organizations to address their needs in accounting, tax, and consulting, provide consulting and advisory services to help simplify operational and management issues, and share their understanding of tax regulations and how they affect the health care industry.

Our goal is to allow you to concentrate on caring for patients while we focus on caring for your finances.

Securities offered through Cetera Financial Specialists LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Cetera Investment Advisers LLC. Cetera entities are under separate ownership from any other named entity. 

Yeo & Yeo has been instrumental in helping our team to build a successful company, not only in tax planning and accounting, but business development as well.  The insights and ideas provided by our accountant and the Yeo & Yeo team have played a key role in shaping the direction of the company both now and for years to come.

Marcus President


Yeo & Yeo's auditors are always available for questions (not just at audit time) and they offer suggestions to ensure an efficient and accurate audit. Their expertise has guided me through bond issues, sinking funds, early retirement incentives and too many GASBs to count! While I may not love audit season, I do enjoy having a team of professionals that review my work so I can stand with confidence before our community and Board of Education.

Carol, CPA Finance Director


We have relied on Yeo & Yeo for nearly 20 years. They do a great job providing the accounting and tax services that help our farming operations be successful.

Ben Partner


Yeo & Yeo has prepared our prepaid report for the last three years. They understand our business because they are experienced in the funeral home industry. They have a thorough knowledge of Michigan laws and proactively notify us if anything is changing. They walk us through the process so we understand what to do and why we’re doing it. We are very comfortable now and know that we are documenting everything correctly.

Kathleen CFSP, Vice President and Treasurer

Small-Mid Business

Yeo & Yeo has consistently delivered professional accounting services. As our auditor, they provide a fair, efficient, and practical method for the independent audit of our financial statements. Through a collaborative approach, they deliver an audit that our Board of Education relies on to inform all stakeholders of our financial position. Our organization has also benefited from Yeo & Yeo’s focus on communication. From the regular phone calls from our Principal checking in, to the distribution of their newsletter, their communication is excellent. I can call or email and instantly receive relevant information or direction on the latest GASB pronouncements or K-12 auditing standard. Simply put, it is comforting to have an auditing firm that cares deeply, commits passionately, and connects genuinely with their client.

Rick Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


We welcome the assistance of Yeo & Yeo’s professionals in the completion of our governmental reporting and internal controls study. It's a pleasure to work on these projects with their outstanding staff; we are happy to be one of their clients.

Pete Treasurer


We are proud to have Yeo & Yeo as our premier auditing firm. Our Workers’ Compensation Fund is treated as a priority. Their professionalism and expertise are exceptional. Yeo & Yeo offers competitive prices and provides superb tax and audit services – their work is timely, efficient, and detailed.

Rhonda Fund Administrator


I appreciate the efficient audit service Yeo & Yeo provides. The scope of the audit is clearly outlined in their Provided By Client list and is timeline driven. Their team is thorough and available for questions. Turnaround time is never an issue, and I’ve received positive comments from our board regarding their annual audit presentations.

Heather Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


I have worked with Yeo & Yeo as external auditors in three different school districts over the last 15 years. In addition to delivering stellar customer service in the auditing role, they serve as public school accounting experts—offering professional development and guidance to school districts across Michigan. We rely on advice and knowledge from Yeo & Yeo’s leading authorities in the accounting field.

Scott Deputy Superintendent


We have worked with Yeo & Yeo for more than 30 years in some capacity. Yeo & Yeo has been our accountant, IT company and payroll processor. They are very efficient and caring in all divisions of their organization. Yeo & Yeo’s payroll professionals showed us how to streamline our payroll. COVID-19 created so many payroll changes -- I am so thankful for the payroll team for their knowledge and willingness to help us understand them. It is a pleasure to recommend the entire Yeo & Yeo business for the services they provide.

Peggy Office Manager

Small-Mid Business

This was our first year working with Yeo & Yeo for our annual and single audits. They were organized and professional. They provided checklists and requested information prior to the on-site visit that made the audit run smoothly. The presentation to the Board of Education was informative and comprehensive. Yeo & Yeo made some recommendations that will strengthen our school district and provide even more financial stability. We found Yeo & Yeo to be skillful and efficient, and we look forward to working with them again this year. The staff is accessible for questions or if we want to run an idea by them. Not only do they provide support during the audit, but also with all the changes throughout the year. We can get clarifications during the year rather than wait for audit time. I definitely recommend my audit team.

Priya Director of Business and Finance


The City of Farmington Hills moved from a long-standing relationship with a firm that had an excellent track record to Yeo & Yeo several years ago. Yeo & Yeo has also provided excellent results with a smooth process and effective and timely communication with City staff. They are a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend Yeo & Yeo.

Thomas Finance Director/Treasurer


We use Yeo & Yeo for all our accounting, payroll, and tax filings. For our payroll, switching from ADP to Yeo & Yeo was absolutely the best decision. We were immediately assigned a lead payroll specialist to answer all our questions and handle day-to-day payroll operations. The specialist is always prompt in responding to our needs. She even sends us reminders when important filings are due that may have slipped our minds. Payroll is sent to us electronically, and the process is simple. When applying for PPP loans, our Yeo & Yeo accountants worked directly with our payroll specialist to gather all required documents. Using Yeo & Yeo has limited the number of HR employees I need at the office and freed them up to work on other projects. Yeo & Yeo is an extension of my company, and I am fortunate to have them working for me.

Matt Partner

Small-Mid Business

The City of Rochester Hills is entering its third year of working with Yeo & Yeo, and we are very happy with the level of service and professionalism that Yeo & Yeo provides. The overall audit process has gone very smoothly each year, including the first audit transition year to Yeo & Yeo which was a pleasant and welcome surprise. The City has also received great value from Yeo & Yeo during the times that they are not actively engaged in the City's audit by communicating on developing issues, always being attentive and responsive to questions that may come up through the year, and providing sound guidance. Yeo & Yeo has quickly become a valued partner to the City of Rochester Hills.

YYCPA-City of Rochester Hills-Audit First Year Transition