Proactive IT Disaster Planning

In the event of a disaster, is your data backed up off-site and secure? If your business were to ever lose its data from drive failure, natural disaster, or user error, it could likely be catastrophic. Nearly 70% of businesses that lose their data quickly go out of business. A Business Continuity plan Ensures that your business-critical functions continue to operate in the event that a disaster does happen. 

In addition to managing systems and monitoring cyberthreats, a data recovery solution like Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is an essential component of a solid business continuity plan. With BDR, your data will be safely stored off-site and recoverable within minutes. Yeo & Yeo’s IT professionals work with you to evaluate your current plan, help prioritize corrective measures and implement solutions to ensure you can respond timely in the event of a disaster.

Whether it is the recovery of one file or replacement of your entire network due to a disaster, a backup and disaster recovery plan offers options for your business to securely store data off-site and quickly recover when needed. Offered as an affordable, monthly flat-rate – it’s a smart way to protect your business or organization.

Easy Off-site Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Simple installation – Within minutes, you are backing up files automatically on a schedule of your choice.
  • Automatic backup – With online backup, real-time data backups can be fully automated yet manually initiated as needed.
  • Off-site storage – Data is securely transmitted to two off-site, geographically dispersed data centers, eliminating the need to physically transport backup media.
  • Scalability – Online backup offers various storage plan levels for your growing business’s needs.
  • Security – Online backup compresses files to minimize bandwidth usage, uses 256-bit encryption, transfers files over a secure internet channel, and stores your data in separate redundant Level 4 data centers.
  • Easy restoration – Server virtualization technology allows servers and applications to be restored and rebooted in less than 30 minutes in most cases, and restore data in a matter of minutes.

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