Managed Services for Michigan Businesses

Maintaining a computer network is a challenge. It can be difficult for internal IT staff to prevent major security disasters alone. Managed services allow the combination of regular preventative maintenance and comprehensive real-time monitoring of your critical network and desktop device – ensuring the reliability and stability of your IT assets while working alongside your team. Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting’s certified technology specialists focus on IT and allow Michigan businesses and organizations to focus on achieving their goals. 

Do these technology issues plague your business?

Wasted Time? Are IT problems distracting your staff from their core focus or prohibiting them from working efficiently? Is your company losing money by the minute when the network is down?

Backup frustrations? Do you test your backups frequently to ensure reliability?

Not staying current? Is your hardware and software outdated or slow? Do you lack inventory control of hardware and software?

What are the advantages of adding managed solutions?

Prevention of network problems and failures: Through early detection of impending issues, we can work to resolve many issues before they can affect your network and your employees’ productivity.

Faster issue resolution with full-time network monitoring: With proactive monitoring, we dramatically shorten the time from computer failure to issue resolution. Our technicians always know the health of your network.

Patch management: Ensures your PCs and servers are running the most recent Windows and Antivirus updates.

Partner discounts on labor and training: Gain access to our preferred labor and training class rates.

Quarterly network strategy meetings: Review reports and issues that are affecting the performance of your network and help you to build a long-term technology plan.

YeoCare Managed Services

Network downtime and technical issues are not only frustrating but can be very costly. YeoCare Managed Services are designed to keep your network healthy and detect failures before they happen.

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YeoSecure is YYCC’s comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring and compliance solution, providing continuous monitoring of your network. Our team of cybersecurity professionals will detect and quickly respond to threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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Managed Print

Managing and maintaining your print environment can be a challenge. YYCC packages managed print services that combine security and affordability into one solution, designed for any industry.

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