Educating Your Human Firewall

Your organization is targeted by a cyberattack nearly every day. These attacks often come in the form of an email and look very real, but they lead to websites that could destroy your security, or hold your data for ransom. No matter how much money is spent on firewalls and antivirus software, phishing attacks find their way into inboxes.

Ninety-one percent of all data breaches begin with a phishing attack. Many organizations turn to Security Awareness Training as a way to educate employees to build a human firewall capable of preventing cyberattacks.

How Does Security Awareness Training Work?

  • Baseline testing – We provide baseline testing to assess the phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated attack.
  • Train your users – We access the world’s largest library of training content, including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Training is automated with scheduled reminders.
  • Phish your users – Automated simulated attacks are created from hundreds of templates with unlimited usage.
  • See results – Reports are ready to share with management and quickly will show a return on investment. Data shows the overall percentage of employees who are phish-prone drops from an average of 15.9 percent to a remarkable 1.2 percent in just 12 months.