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Tax Planning

Trying to understand continually changing tax laws while maximizing tax savings can be challenging. When filing taxes, you want to make sure that every possible deduction, incentive and tax credit is utilized. Our tax advisors work closely with you to create a tax strategy that takes advantage of new and existing laws, allowing you or your company to reduce the overall tax burden now and in the future.

Business Tax

Business owners know that every financial move they make today will inevitably have tax consequences tomorrow. Our tax professionals consider all possible tax strategies to create a strategic plan that will benefit your business.

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Individual Tax

Tax law is a complicated maze with ever-changing rules. At Yeo & Yeo, we believe that every change presents a new opportunity to minimize taxes today and plan for tomorrow.

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State & Local Tax

When transactions occur across state lines, numerous income, franchise or sales and use tax issues can arise. We help you navigate cross-state tax regulations and plan for possible business implications.

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International Tax

Through our membership with BDO Alliance USA, we can tap into the resources of independent accounting firms in countries around the world to provide you with a strategic plan that works with your global strategy.

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Estate, Trusts & Gifts

Our tax professionals will help you consider tax implications, wealth transfer options and family concerns to create a plan that will provide for your lifetime needs, as well as those of your descendants and dependents.

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Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation studies help business owners find opportunities to reduce taxes, accelerate their cash flows and free up money to reinvest in their businesses.

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David Jewell

David Jewell


CPAs & Advisors

Yeo & Yeo has been instrumental in helping our team to build a successful company, not only in tax planning and accounting, but business development as well.  The insights and ideas provided by our accountant and the Yeo & Yeo team have played a key role in shaping the direction of the company both now and for years to come.

Marcus President


Yeo & Yeo has been a trusted advisor for us. It’s not because they can do the tax return and help us with our ESOP. It’s that whole next step which is the relationship and the advice, and that’s what I truly value is the insights provided. Taking the complex and making it simple for our business is where the value is.


Financial Institutions

Yeo & Yeo has been instrumental to the rapid growth and financial stability of our company. They assist and advise on all business planning. We trust Yeo & Yeo completely and truly value the team's input.

Beth CEO


Our CPA at Yeo & Yeo has been our tax expert since the very beginning, and we always meet with her to talk about different aspects of how we should run the business to take advantage of tax laws and make sure we're doing things the right way. They have been with us step for step the entire time we've been in business.

Mark Co-founder and Principal

Financial Institutions

We rely on Yeo & Yeo for many items involved in the financial management of our company. Whether it’s finding hidden expenses which have required additional attention, to analyzing business opportunities and providing sound advice, Yeo & Yeo has been instrumental in our development and growth.

Brandon President


We have relied on Yeo & Yeo for nearly 20 years. They do a great job providing the accounting and tax services that help our farming operations be successful.

Ben Partner


Very professional and easy to work with. Yeo & Yeo has a true understanding of our business.

Liz Director, Finance


We are proud to have Yeo & Yeo as our premier auditing firm. Our Workers’ Compensation Fund is treated as a priority. Their professionalism and expertise are exceptional. Yeo & Yeo offers competitive prices and provides superb tax and audit services – their work is timely, efficient, and detailed.

Rhonda Fund Administrator