Customized Cloud Solutions

Yeo & Yeo Technology started YeoCloud, powered by Microsoft Azure, as a way to give end-users a solution that keeps them focused on their business rather than worrying about the way applications are running. With YeoCloud, you’ll be confident about the performance and security of your applications. If your business runs applications like Microsoft Office or QuickBooks, they will perform on YeoCloud through an on-premise server.

Fixed Monthly Pricing ⁠— The pricing structure for YeoCloud gives users predictable costs that allow them to maximize their cloud environment. With YeoCloud, you always know where your business stands, and it simplifies your return on investment and cost-of-ownership calculations.

Customizable and Scaleable for Your Needs ⁠— YeoCloud can be customized to add more memory, processing, storage, and bandwidth. Each network is customized to fit your specific needs; all environments include firewall, VPN, and nightly backup. YeoCloud makes transitioning flexible and easy. You don’t have to overpay to hedge against future growth.

Reducing Overhead Management ⁠— YYTECH manages nightly backup and monitoring for each server.

Control Levels ⁠— With YeoCloud, YYTECH will manage your business’s environment. All of your virtual machines include command-line access, customizable firewalls, and site-to-site VPNs.

Easy to Deploy and Manage ⁠— YeoCloud is set up and deployed with ease. Virtual machines are pre-configured to ensure that time is focused on building your assets, rather than constructing your environment. Management is made easy using the same control panel your business uses for provisioning.

  • Scalability to fit your needs
  • Automatically update to the newest, most secure version
  • Increase communication and collaboration
  • VoIP phones feature HD audio
  • Conference calls can be set up quickly, increasing your support and availability to clients
  • Access your global directory, and answer and place calls anywhere