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The benefits of audit and assurance services are numerous. Audits can improve an organization’s efficiency and profitability by helping management better understand their own financial reporting systems. Risks in the organization are well-studied and controls are evaluated.

No matter why you need an audit – regulatory compliance, a loan covenant, trustee or shareholder requirements, a merger or other reason – Yeo & Yeo’s auditing and assurance services team can meet your needs thoroughly, reliably and responsibly.

Yeo & Yeo’s experienced audit and assurance CPAs help you through the audit process and offer valuable insights. They stay ahead of the financial and compliance issues that impact your industry, help you through the complexities of reporting requirements and recommend effective internal controls.

Why choose Yeo & Yeo for auditing and assurance in Michigan?

The firm has expertise in many different industries, including:

  • Over 150 government entities, including over 80 education entities
  • Over 400 not-for-profit organizations, including health associations
  • Industry specialization in for-profit entities such as manufacturingconstructionreal estate and transportation.

We’re right-sized for your organization. We’re small enough to give you personalized, attentive and cost-effective service, yet have the resources of a large firm.

We’re flexible in scheduling our site work. We come when it’s convenient for you and your staff. We make it easy for you.

We offer engagement team continuity. Because our turnover is low, you’ll be served by many of the same professionals throughout an engagement and year after year.

We’re based in the communities we serve so we’re more accessible and responsive than firms with distant headquarters.

We’ve innovated our auditing process for efficiency to streamline and improve the overall experience for our clients by implementing YeoLEAN, a Lean Six Sigma-based initiative. 

Tax Audit & Assurance with YeoLEAN


Regulatory and Peer Review

Yeo & Yeo’s system of audit quality control for our accounting and auditing practices is subject to an external peer review every three years. Under the AICPA’s Peer Review Standards, firms may receive a rating of pass, pass with deficiency(ies), or fail. Yeo & Yeo’s most recent peer review with a pass rating can be reviewed here.

Audit & Accounting

Additional Assurance Services

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Compilations of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Examinations

Management Consulting

  • Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • Interim Controllerships
  • Indirect Cost Allocation Plans
  • Lease vs. Buy Analysis
  • Long-range Financial Projections
  • New Accounting Principles and Implementation
  • Operations Analysis
  • Outsourcing
  • Privatization Analysis


  • Audit, Accounting and Finance Concerns
  • Board Member Training
  • Governance

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David Youngstrom

David Youngstrom


CPAs & Business Consultants

What is important to me about Yeo & Yeo is their expertise and their accessibility. One of the most important decisions our board of directors made when I became CEO eight years ago was to retain Yeo & Yeo as our auditing partner. I stay in contact with our CPA year-round for advice and problem-solving. I make better decisions on behalf of the Youth Protection Council because of her expertise and support. Our agency is a bit complex with 16 grants braided together to keep services in place. Providing the annual audited financial statements to our funders bound with the Yeo & Yeo name carries significant weight.

Mary President/CEO


Very professional and easy to work with. Yeo & Yeo has a true understanding of our business.

Liz Director, Finance


Our firm has used Yeo & Yeo to conduct our annual audit and single audit for many years. They have always been organized, thorough, and supportive. The checklists and engagement information they provide up front assist us in properly preparing for the audit and facilitate the process greatly. While on site, the auditors are efficient, professional, and helpful with recommendations for improving systems and processes. Following the audit, their presentation to our board is critically important from the governance perspective.

Jody CFO


I have worked with Yeo & Yeo for the last four years, and I am very appreciative of the relationship we have established. While I understand the need for them to maintain their independent relationship for our audit, I truly feel like we operate as a partnership or team. If I have a question throughout the year, I never hesitate to reach out and run something by them.

Jamie Director of Fiscal Services


I have worked with Yeo & Yeo as external auditors in three different school districts over the last 15 years. In addition to delivering stellar customer service in the auditing role, they serve as public school accounting experts—offering professional development and guidance to school districts across Michigan. We rely on advice and knowledge from Yeo & Yeo’s leading authorities in the accounting field.

Scott Deputy Superintendent