Simplify Network Security Management

Stealthy threats evade detection. They hide between security silos while analysts try to triage and investigate with narrow, disconnected viewpoints. Our YeoDefense-EDR and YeoDefense-XDR solutions break down these silos using an automated, holistic approach to detection and response. EDR Security and XDR Security solutions replace legacy systems and keep your organization protected from advanced cyberattacks.

What is EDR Security?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides multilayer, fully integrated endpoint protection. YeoDefense EDR, powered by Carbon Black, collects and visualizes comprehensive information about endpoint events. Our EDR security solution gives security professionals unparalleled visibility into their environments, making it easy to rapidly respond to threats.

What is XDR Security?

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) simplifies enterprise network security management. YeoDefense XDR, powered by SentinelOne, monitors an organization’s entire infrastructure, including endpoints, the cloud, mobile devices and more. Using static and behavioral AI, YeoDefense XDR detects and responds to threats in real-time.

Protecting Your Network in 3 Steps

EDR and XDR solutions are designed to replace legacy, reactive approaches to cybersecurity. Using a 3-step system, EDR and XDR actively search and respond to threats.

  • Prevention
  • Detection and Response
  • Threat Hunting

Prevent security incidents by collecting in-depth data and applying data analytics and threat intelligence to identify threats before they occur.

Support automated threat detection and response. Organizations can minimize the cost, impact and damage that cyberattacks cause by preventing or rapidly remediating threats.

Provide deep visibility and easy access to data, which aids threat hunting efforts.

Which Security Solution is Right for Your Organization?

Think of your network as a property line. EDR protects against threats that are knocking on your door trying to enter your device, while XDR stops threats at the gate before they get to your device.

The solution you choose depends on several factors – your network infrastructure, existing security measures and potential for a breach, to name a few. Our experienced IT professionals at Yeo & Yeo Technology can review your business’s existing infrastructure and check for vulnerabilities. Based on their findings and expertise, they will recommend a customized cybersecurity solution designed for your business needs and budget.

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