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Proper internal controls should be part of every organization’s procedures. It’s the ideal vehicle to propel your business or organization towards compliance, efficiency and profitability while steering it away from disorganization, waste and most damaging of all, fraud. Lack of internal controls is among the leading factor of fraud in businesses today.

Yeo & Yeo can help. Our Internal Controls Study examines the key policies and processes that drive your organization and allow it to function day in and day out efficiently and securely. An internal control study will help your organization:

  • Safeguard assets
  • Ensure the reliability of accounting data
  • Deter fraudulent activity
  • Reduce the risk of error or fraud
  • Increase efficiency
  • Promote accountability


Why Choose Yeo & Yeo for Internal Control Studies?

Yeo & Yeo’s credentialed CPAs and auditors deliver expert-level internal control studies for businesses and organizations of varying size and industry. Our forensic accountants holding the Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) credentials also have extensive experience in modern fraud prevention, detection and investigation techniques as well as litigation and recovery. Consider us an extended part of your team helping to ensure your assets are protected, and giving you peace of mind.

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Suzanne Lozano

Suzanne Lozano


CPAs & Advisors

I was most impressed with Yeo & Yeo in dealing with an embezzlement issue. A quick phone call resulted in a certified forensic auditor in my office within 24 hours. The auditor led us through the process and stayed with it through prosecution of the case. The response and work of the auditor was instrumental in recovering the money for the school district.

Rick Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


We welcome the assistance of Yeo & Yeo’s professionals in the completion of our governmental reporting and internal controls study. It's a pleasure to work on these projects with their outstanding staff; we are happy to be one of their clients.

Pete Treasurer