Managing Customer Relationships

Today’s customers expect businesses to deliver exceptional, positively charged and memorable experiences. Customer Relationship Management software helps companies meet these demands by providing critical information about prospects and customers as they move through the sales funnel. It tracks follow-ups and reminders to ensure no one misses a beat when it comes to taking care of business, boosting engagement, sales and retention.

Yeo & Yeo Technology’s CRM software options are designed to help your organization:

  • Get organized and stay connected as a team
  • Standardize, automate and track tasks
  • Work from anywhere on any Internet-capable device
  • Understand what your team is doing and how well it is working
  • Stay connected to your customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales offers enterprise-level value at SMB prices. It integrates with Microsoft Business programs, allowing you to seamlessly track customers and boost sales.

Sage100 CRM

Sage100 CRM gazes outward at how to better approach prospects and serve customers while Sage100 cloud ERP gazes inwards at how to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Together, these two systems provide a complete solution for your company to increase sales, revenue and productivity.

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