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Using CRM and Mapping Applications to Boost Sales

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Having a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system has proven valuable to companies as they navigate the changing sales landscape. During the pandemic, route sales and customer visits were put on hold. Now that we are turning the corner, tools to assist with the transition back to route sales and outside sales will play a key role.

Making sales more efficient with maps and CRM software

Integrating a mapping application, like Google Maps, with your CRM system provides powerful efficiencies. We all know how amazing the Google Maps data is, especially when you can zoom in to street level on any business in the world. Now is the time to leverage that information.

Integrating maps with CRM allows you to display customer or prospect companies as pinpoints on a map. Pinpoint colors can also be customized based on the type of company (customer, prospect, etc).

Clicking pinpoints provides you with additional CRM-related information on that company (status, primary contact, industry segment, last invoice date, etc).

What are the benefits?

If your company has route or territory sales processes in place, then seeing those records on a map can be a great tool for the route salesperson. The salesperson targets a few key accounts on their trip and schedules visits with those accounts. With a map interface, the salesperson can quickly and strategically fill in the gaps between those appointments by selecting companies from the map.

Some map applications will allow you to create pre-defined routes that include multiple days with designated stops for each day. You can give these routes names and then reuse or clone when you visit that route again in a few months. Some applications even let you add all of those stops to your calendar with a single click!

In a nutshell, the ability to visualize the CRM records on a map gives the sales team a unique and more efficient perspective on how they should call on their accounts and in what order.

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Information used in this article was provided by our partners at Sage.

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