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Effective tax planning in Michigan means planning for both the current tax year, and all the years ahead. It is an important aspect of your entire financial planning process.

Business Tax

Yeo & Yeo’s experienced corporate tax planning and management specialists know the complex, changing laws that affect business tax at the federal, state and local levels. Our tax planning and management CPAs develop tax strategies for businesses of all sizes to maximize tax savings. Turn to Yeo & Yeo for industry insights, multi-state taxation issues, or for guidance when expanding internationally.

Personal Tax

Yeo & Yeo’s CPAs for tax planning in Michigan have extensive knowledge of how federal, state and local taxes affect your household finances. Our tax planning and management specialists will assure that you are taking advantage of all the available deductions, incentives and tax credits. Proactive estate planning and financial planning, along with trusts and gifting, can also have a positive impact on your tax situation.

Count on Yeo & Yeo’s Certified Public Accountants for tax planning in Michigan to help with identifying individualized strategies that will minimize your tax liability now and in the future, with your financial goals in mind.

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