YeoLEAN. Delivering Better Client Service.

YeoLEAN focuses on adding value for Yeo & Yeo’s clients. It establishes continuous process improvement in our services to realize ongoing efficiency for our clients, and our professionals.

What is YeoLEAN?

YeoLEAN is a process based on the Lean Six Sigma concept that Yeo & Yeo began fully implementing within our Audit Services Group with the assistance of consulting firm, LeanCPASM. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of the “lean” concept that focuses on efficiency, and the Six Sigma methodologies that focus on quality. YeoLEAN adds client value by eliminating inconsequential steps and inefficiencies in client service processes.

YeoLEAN is more than our CPAs just applying concepts to improve processes, but rather a cultural change of focusing on client value and continuous improvement. We will never stop improving. Technology changes, rules and regulations change, and people change. YeoLEAN is an ongoing process that has become part of our practice to ensure we provide the best quality service for our clients.

Recognizing the powerful impact this ongoing process brings to the firm and its clients, Yeo & Yeo is implementing the YeoLEAN methodology throughout many of its service lines.

YeoLEAN Focus Areas

  • Audit
  • Tax
  • Medical Billing

YeoLEAN | Audit


YeoLEAN transforms the audit process. With YeoLEAN | Audit, our audit clients realize greater efficiency and ease in the audit process. Learn more about the process and the benefits it provides our audit clients.

Yeo & Yeo is a recipient of the prestigious 2015 LEA Process Improvement Award for its YeoLEAN | Audit implementation.


YeoLEAN | Tax


YeoLEAN transforms the tax process.

Coming Soon

YeoLEAN | Medical Billing


YeoLEAN transforms medical billing. With YeoLEAN | Medical Billing, our clients realize greater efficiency and ease in coding, the insurance claims process and patient billing. Learn more about the process and the benefits it provides our health care clients.

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