3 Reasons Why Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring Is More Important Than Ever

3 Reasons Why Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring is More Important Than Ever


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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have found themselves working from home. From a cybercrime perspective, working remotely generally isn’t as safe as working in the office. In fact, studies show that cyberattacks like ransomware are on the rise.

With the ever-increasing popularity of remote work, here are three reasons why cybersecurity monitoring is more important than ever before.

1. Increased efficiency and detection:

With more people working from home, more devices are being connected to your organization’s network. Security analysts can get stretched thin and hit efficiency roadblocks, especially as they gather and analyze alarm data from multiple platforms. Studies show the average time between a data breach and discovery is 205 days – that’s over 7 months! Continuous monitoring systems can help your organization immediately detect threats and stop them in their tracks.

2. Ensured industry compliance:

Organizations that fall under PCI, HIPAA or FFIEC regulations must implement technical safeguards to protect their clients’ data. If cybercriminals breach your organization, you must prove to authorities that you took measures to guard sensitive data. Utilizing continuous monitoring software helps fulfill these compliance requirements, making it easier to avoid fines after an attack.

3. Heightened security measures:

While adapting to working from home, employees may have let your usual security procedures slide, from accessing your company’s IT environment with personal Wi-Fi connections to using unprotected video conferencing tools. Continuous monitoring creates another security layer for your company and employees, especially as they work remotely.

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