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The firm’s Career Advocacy Team was formed nearly four years ago by way of suggestions culled from a survey of the firm’s female professionals. The team discovered that the issues being raised were relevant to all professionals regardless of gender. Today, team members find out what is not working for professionals in the organization and follow up by implementing new policies, procedures and effective training for both women and men.

In our firm, your voice is heard and your ideas are considered. We’re not so big that you and your ideas get lost in the firm.

You’re able to effect change and make improvements. Our Managers, Principals and our CEO have open doors and welcome conversations to help guide you through career decisions, client concerns, policy changes and whatever is important to you. The Career Advocacy Team gathers this feedback to make changes ensuring our firm is a great place to work.

On the most recent employee survey conducted by the Career Advocacy Team, our employees said they wanted a clear career path for advancement. Our Career Advocacy Team is currently working with leaders within the firm to create more individualized career paths for traditional and nontraditional routes. Our employees also told us they want to improve the mentor process in our firm. Beginning in 2016, we have a two-phase mentoring process that begins the day you start working at our firm. On that same survey, 99% of our employees said that our firm is flexible with respect to family responsibilities.You don’t have to miss the important events and stop participating in your outside interests when you work for Yeo & Yeo.

The Career Advocacy Team works to provide equal access to career development and advocacy experiences, assist women in advancing to leadership positions, and promote the successful integration of personal and professional lives.


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