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AI and Deepfake Scams Top IT Leaders’ List of Most Frequent Attacks


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New data shows that the attacks IT feels most inadequate to stop are the ones they’re experiencing the most.

According to Keeper Security’s latest report, The Future of Defense: IT Leaders Brace for Unprecedented Cyber Threats, the most serious emerging types of technologies being used in modern cyber-attacks lead with AI-powered attacks and deep fake technology.  By itself, this information wouldn’t be that damning.

But when you also find that the two types of attacks IT leaders don’t feel like they can stop are AI-powered attacks and deepfake technology, we suddenly have a problem.

Despite security solutions evolving to leverage AI, it doesn’t translate into stopping AI-generated attacks. We know this because Keeper also points out in their report that 61% of organizations are still battling phishing as an attack vector, with 51% of organizations saying phishing use in cyber-attacks is increasing.

In other words, it’s time to engage and empower the one part of your cybersecurity defenses you haven’t utilized yet – the user. By enrolling users in new-school security awareness training, you elevate their vigilance and reduce the likelihood that even the best-written or most convincing-sounding piece of content will be just assumed to be valid.

And when you get users to jump in and immediately suspect email and web content where “something’s just off about it,” the likelihood of even the most sophisticated attacks falling users into clicking on links or attachments dwindles.

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