Be Alert for ‘Tax Organizer’ Email Phishing Scams

CPAs & Advisors

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Yeo & Yeo’s Tax Services Group has been alerted that a new email phishing scam is occurring, disguised as an alert from tax professionals like Yeo & Yeo.

The bogus emails are designed to look like they are coming from the tax professionals’ firm. The emails offer a direct link to a Tax Organizer, or they state that a document is available to download from a portal. The email includes the recipient’s name and states that a Tax Organizer is available or has been completed, and encourages the recipient to click on a link to an “Individual Tax Organizer – Signed.pdf.” Do not click on these malicious .PDF links.

Legitimate notices from tax professionals will direct the recipient through secure program logins and will not contain links.

Please be alert to any such suspicious emails and, if in doubt, contact Yeo & Yeo or the purported sender directly.

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