Can a Cloud-Based Communication System Save You Money?

Can a Cloud-Based Communication System Save You Money?


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Your business phone system may have served you well, but will it help take your business to the next level, or hold you back? If you want to keep up with the ever-changing workplace environment, high customer expectations, and technology advancements, it may be time to switch to a cloud communications provider that can not only get you there but also reduce your costs.

Use our Cloud Savings Calculator to compare costs.

4 Ways to Save Money with Unified Communications

With a cloud-based VoIP system, you can minimize your IT and operating costs, simplify your technology stack, and save on your phone bill. Here are ways to reduce costs by investing in unified communications (UCaaS).

1. Lower Upfront Costs

With unified communications, you can use a cloud phone system, which means voice data transmits over the internet rather than phone lines. Instead of paying for all the hardware and maintenance costs of a traditional PBX phone system, you can get started with a mobile app downloaded onto your devices and a subscription licensing fee.

2. Fewer Communications Apps

Because you have voice, video conferencing, chat messaging, and file sharing all rolled into one platform, you aren’t paying multiple vendors. This consolidation can lead to significant cost savings.

3. Smaller Phone Bill

You’ll also see lower costs with unified communications through a better rate per line and reduced long-distance calling costs. Businesses that use cloud phone systems save money on their phone bill each month.

4. Increased Productivity

When you empower your teams with user-friendly, full-featured software, they have the tools they need to work more efficiently. Additionally, with UCaaS, your staff can be productive from anywhere.

Your employees will be more productive and more satisfied with their jobs when they have technology that makes work more flexible and seamless.

Calculate Your Costs

We have a way to reduce your costs and deliver the functionality businesses need most. Yeo & Yeo Technology’s YeoVoice business communications platform powered by Elevate can result in significant savings by offloading your maintenance requirements, consolidating your apps on one platform, and eliminating unnecessary hardware. Elevate is a trusted name in cloud technology known for helping businesses reduce telecommunication costs.

Check out our Cloud Phone System Cost Savings Calculator to gain insight into your existing business phone system and see how much you could save.

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