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Complete Your 2018 Security Risk Assessment and Plan for 2019

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that practices participating with Medicaid and Medicare conduct an annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA) of their healthcare organization. The required SRA ensures your organization is compliant with HIPAA’s safeguards. Healthcare providers looking to maximize their reward from the Quality Payment Program are also required to complete an annual SRA.

Beware of the penalties if your organization does not comply. If you do not report an SRA from the 2018 year, a 5% Medicare penalty will be applied in 2020, and the proposed noncompliance penalty for the 2019 reporting year is a 7% Medicare penalty in 2021.

To help you fulfill your annual HIPAA requirements by year end and maximize your investment in the required assessment, Yeo & Yeo and its affiliates have partnered to provide an SRA that is budget-friendly, efficient and useful. Our assessment covers all 72 HIPAA security safeguards and functions as a beneficial tool for organizations looking to develop stronger data security measures.

  • Proof of HIPAA compliance
  • Detailed, customized report including all compliance documents
  • Identification of potential risks and vulnerabilities in confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic patient information (ePHI)
  • Comprehensive tool to develop a risk management plan
  • Complimentary findings analysis review
  • Less invasive than traditional assessments and requires minimum assistance from your staff

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