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Consider Outsourcing These Four HR Functions

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Managing human resource demands can be overwhelming when you have limited personnel. Small businesses are finding that outsourcing some of their HR functions gives them more time to focus on business growth and other opportunities.

When deciding which human resources tasks to outsource, here are four areas to consider.


Payroll processing is one of the most popular HR functions for an organization to outsource. Outsourcing to a provider that specializes in preparing payroll will not only save time and money but also reduce risk by ensuring tax and reporting compliance.


Finding the right talent for your organization has become increasingly harder. With unemployment at its lowest point in nearly two decades, qualified candidates are not staying on the market for long. Permitting an outside firm to manage job postings and recruit qualified candidates can save valuable time and allow your HR department to focus on more pressing responsibilities.

Background Checks

To complete the recruiting process quickly, it is tempting to take shortcuts. No matter how well the candidate may have interviewed or how impressive their resume may be, it is always a good idea to take the time to perform a background check. Pre-employment screening can help eliminate candidates who are not the right fit and can save you time and money associated with terminating them in the long run.

Creating and Maintaining Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals

Employment laws and regulations change frequently, so it is essential for your organization to maintain an up-to-date employee handbook. Creating such a document can be tedious, so finding an organization that is familiar with developing handbooks and policy manuals can be very advantageous. Your handbook should serve as an introduction for new employees to best practices, procedures, and company culture, all while aligning those elements with employment laws.

By outsourcing the things that consume valuable time, your HR department will be able to maximize its resources and focus on the areas of human resource management that they do best.

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