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Create an Upgrade Plan for End of Windows 10 Support


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The end of life date for Windows 10 is set for October 14, 2025. While this might seem like a long way off, it is important to start planning for this transition now, or you might end up with some messy downtime and confused employees.

Before you get excited about Windows 11, check which of your current PCs can handle the upgrade. Some older machines might not meet the system requirements, and you don’t want any surprises down the road. If you need to replace some computers, make sure you budget for that as part of your upgrade plan.

Most of your software that works on Windows 10 should play nice with Windows 11, but don’t take that for granted. Look at all the software your business relies on to make sure it won’t fail with the new operating system (OS). Some software might need updates to get along with Windows 11, so keep an eye on that, too.

Whenever you’re making a big change that affects your team, you’ve got to have a plan. It’s your roadmap to success. So, what should your upgrade plan include?

  • Clear and honest communication with your team about the upgrade
  • Training sessions to show your employees the ropes of the new OS
  • Help for your managers to guide their teams
  • A timeline for when the upgrade will happen and all the communication and training that goes with it
  • A plan to handle any bumps in the road and any resistance you might encounter
  • A resource to help your team with any questions or issues they have after the upgrade

Alternatively, team up with an IT support partner to make sure everything goes smoothly and to take the weight off your shoulders. Don’t go solo on this one; it’s best to have IT pros in your corner. If something goes wrong during the upgrade and you’ve done it yourself, it might take a lot longer to get things back on track. Let professionals like our team handle it. We know what we’re doing.

Upgrading to Windows 11 can supercharge your business, but only if you plan. If you’d like help to make the change as smooth as can be, get in touch.

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