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Cyberattacks Targeting Healthcare Organizations Surge


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During the past two months, cyberattacks against healthcare organizations and companies involved in COVID-19 vaccine distribution have been on the rise.

From an upsurge in the registration of coronavirus-related malicious domains to fraudulent advertisements offering COVID vaccines for sale, we have seen an unprecedented increase in cyber-exploits seeking to compromise personal data, spread malware and steal money.

According to a new report published by Check Point Research, attacks targeting healthcare organizations have spiked by 45% since November 2020, making healthcare the most targeted industry by cybercriminals.

Of the attack vectors used, ransomware shows the largest increase and is the biggest threat to healthcare organizations when compared to other industry sectors. Ransomware attacks against hospitals and related organizations are particularly damaging, as any disruption to their systems could affect their ability to deliver critical care.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals will continue to exploit the world’s focus on the pandemic for their own illegal purposes. Both organizations and individuals must take precautions to protect themselves against online crime.

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