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December Technology Quick Tips


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Oh no… I’ve sent an email to the wrong person. Can I get it back?

Yes, don’t panic! In Outlook, open the message in Sent Items, select Actions > Recall this message, then Delete unread copies of this message.

Is there an easier way to add appointments to my Outlook calendar?

If you’re scheduling a meeting or appointment via email, simply drag that email to your calendar, and it will create an appointment for you.

I’m trying to send a photo via email, but it’s telling me the file is too large

Select the photo file you’d like to send. Right-click it and select Send To > Mail Recipient. A pop-up window will open, which allows you to choose the picture size. Click Attach, and it will resize the image and attach it to your message.

Information used in this article was provided by our partners at MSP Marketing Edge.

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