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February Technology Quick Tips

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What’s the best thing I can do to protect my business from a cyber-attack?

Typically, it’s your people who are your weakest link. Criminals spend a lot of time trying to fool them. Invest in good cybersecurity training to identify risks and promote best practices.

Do we really need to backup our business data?

Yes! Imagine the worst-case scenario, where all your data is deleted or stolen. Your client information, your projects, everything. How long would your business survive without it? No more than a few weeks. A good backup is a business basic.

I know we need to encrypt our data, but what does that actually mean?

When you encrypt data, it goes from a ‘plain text’ version that anyone can read to a coded version of the text that you need a unique key to unlock. It means if your data falls into the wrong hands, the information can’t be read or decoded.

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