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Give-A-Kid Projects – Supporting Kids in Our Community

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Written By: Amy Jaehnig

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The Give-A-Kid Projects have always been a large part of our community in Holt and the surrounding communities. When people here donate items, instead of taking them to Goodwill or the Volunteers of America, they take things to Give-A-Kid. The organization does a lot to help kids in our area, and they have different projects for different needs, like give-a-kid a coat, a backpack, and a Christmas.

Amy J Give-A-KidLast year, the Lansing office sponsored a family with three children for Give-A-Kid a Christmas who asked for beds to sleep on as their gift. Seeing that request broke all our hearts. We thought, “These are our kids – kids in our school district – and all they asked for was a bed.” That hit home for all of us.

So, we decided to pull out all the stops. As an office, we raised funds to purchase beds for each kid. Then, we bought items to go with their bedrooms like bedding, pillows, and toys. It felt good to come together to support these kids and their families, and we plan to continue to sponsor more kids for future Christmases.

I give because I want to support kids in our community.

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