3 Reasons Why Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring Is More Important Than Ever

How Much Data Can Your Employees Access?


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Though you may take an open and honest approach with your staff, sharing sales figures and turnover with them, there may still be some documents you don’t want them to see.

Perhaps details of how much net profit you make, how much you take out of the business or what their colleagues earn. Then you start to think about customer databases and confidential documents. For some of your team, this is information they don’t have a reason to see.

This statistic will shock you. In a data risk report on 785 businesses, researchers found 53 percent of them had more than 1,000 sensitive files available to every employee.

This is just asking for trouble. And not only because of the risk of an insider leak.

The easier it is for everyone inside your business to access files, the easier it is for people outside to access them too.

Especially cybercriminals, who are constantly trying to steal your files and sensitive data for their gain – to either sell it or hold it hostage and charge you a hefty ransom to access it.

Access to data is a considerable concern.

Do you know exactly who has access to which data and files in your business? Is it easy to grant access to those who need the data and block others? Or is this something you need to address?

Our team can help you lock down data and implement a cybersecurity solution tailored to your business needs. Contact us to learn more.

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