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How Secure is QuickBooks Online Data?

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Intuit has implemented five major technologies within QuickBooks to keep customers’ data secure while conducting business through QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Data backup

  • Each night, Intuit performs backups, and the data is copied to tapes. Periodically, the tapes are moved offsite to a secure location.
  • Each time data is added or edited, it is written to two hard drives. Then data is copied to a third hard drive, just in case the first two hard drives fail.


  • Intuit keeps data on a server in Intuit’s Data Center, which is guarded both physically and electronically against viruses and other forms of intrusion.

Firewall protection

  • The firewall used by Intuit acts as a barrier to prevent unauthorized individuals and programs from accessing customers’ data. QBO’s data servers are not directly connected to the internet, so private information is available only to authorized users and computers. QBO also employs the same technology used for credit card transactions (SSL technology) over the internet to protect customers’ data.

ID and password protection

  • Having a strong password will help keep QBO data secure. Professionals recommend users create passwords that include alternating capital letters, numbers, and special characters (such as @*!^, etc.).

Audit trails

  • Keeping close track of who is entering and viewing data is important for data security within QBO. The Audit Logs allow users to see each action that takes place within their QBO company file and who performed each particular action. Contact a Yeo & Yeo QB ProAdvisor today if you need help accessing this report.

For more information about QuickBooks Online or cybersecurity measures to defend your network, contact a member of Yeo & Yeo’s Client Accounting Software Team.

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