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How to know when the time is right to upgrade to Next-Generation Antivirus


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By now we all know that protecting ourselves against viruses and malware is vital, and having a secure antivirus solution in place is a great, proactive step.

First, let’s make sure we understand what antivirus (AV) is. AV, in simple terms, is a software program or designed to prevent, search for, detect, and remove software viruses. Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is the evolution of traditional AV that protects computers from the full spectrum of modern cyberattacks, delivering the best endpoint protection with the least amount of work. NGAV speaks to a fundamentally different technical approach in the way malicious activity is detected and blocked.*

So how do we know when it’s time to make the transition from traditional AV to NGAV? Here are a few steps to help you decide.

Step 1: Understand your organization’s resources

Consider what your employees are using (desktops, laptops servers) and the types of software and information they need to do their job. If your employees work remotely, they may be even more susceptible to malicious attacks by simply connecting to an open network.

Step 2: Know your environment

Consider the information running through your organization. Records, billing information, all of your data (and your client’s data) can be hacked into. NGAV examines every process on every endpoint to detect and block malicious content hackers use to steal information.

Step 3: Choose a respected vendor

This is the bottom line when looking as solutions that can protect your data. Although the concept is still fairly new, there are a number of NGAV vendors available that can provide the right solution for you. Whether you’re an SMB or large-scale enterprise, leaders in the firewall space know the future, for all business types, is to inevitably switch from the traditional AV solutions to NGAV.

The threat landscape is becoming more and more treacherous. Whatever you choose, be sure to do your research before taking the leap into new . YYTECH’s professionals are always available to make sure you choose the right solution for your organization.

*Information courtesy of Carbon Black

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