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Focusing on employee health and well-being is not a new initiative for most companies. Organizations are increasingly valuing the holistic needs of their workforce and noting the link to productivity, engagement, and satisfaction—all markers of a successful company and key drivers for talent retention.

It’s up to each company to identify strategies to help keep employees healthy. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips and considerations:

  • Rethink your space: Build quiet, individual work areas and larger collaboration spaces. Consider investing in mobile desks, which offer a flexible workspace option that can easily adapt to each team’s needs and each space.
  • Build a culture of movement: Offer a variety of sit-stand workstations that allow workers to easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Encourage walking check-ins and normalize standing during longer meetings.
  • Bring back ergonomics: Home workspaces often lack the proper ergonomic equipment or positioning. In the short term, this can cause minor discomfort. For the long haul, a less-than-ideal set-up or posture can lead to more significant health concerns. Consider offering a standardized set of ergonomic products for employees to choose from to meet their work-from-home and in-office needs.

Employee health and safety will remain important in the years to come. Set the foundation for a healthy workforce to ensure your team is ready to work at their best to reach your organization’s goals.

Interested in learning more about how ergonomics can boost health and wellness? Visit our booth #213 at the Michigan Safety Conference (MSC) at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, April 18-19. Or contact us today.

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