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July Technology Quick Tips


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My Wi-Fi is working, but my computer keeps disconnecting

It’s possible that your PC’s network card isn’t receiving full power. Go to advanced settings in power options. Click ‘Wireless adapter settings’ and ‘Expand power-saving mode.’ Set this to maximum power, and you should see some improvement.

My monitor is blank – I promise it is plugged in and switched on

OK, that’s a good start. Is the power cable faulty? Try replacing it with one that is working on another machine and see what happens. If it’s still blank, try connecting your monitor to another PC. If it still doesn’t work, it looks like it’s a problem with the monitor. If it works on another PC, it’s likely a problem with the computer’s graphics card.

My keyboard is making weird noises and won’t type words properly

You may have enabled toggle keys and filter keys in your Windows settings. To disable them, go to the control panel and select ‘Ease of access.’ Click on ‘Change how your keyboard works,’ then uncheck the boxes next to the Toggle keys and Filter keys.

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