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Make Cybersecurity a Priority for Your Construction Business


Written By: Gus Hendrickson

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Is cybersecurity a priority for your construction business? Let’s explore why it should be.

Reports show that the construction industry is a Top 5 cyberattack target, with some ranking it as high as number 3! Construction executives may think that because their company is not storing the same type of sensitive information as a hospital or bank does, that they are not at risk. This is not true.

Because the construction industry is generally slower to implement , it is perceived that the industry is slower to implement digital security as well. As the construction industry continues to evolve and become more connected, cybercriminals look to find more opportunity for success. Professionals predict that as contractors ramp up their with remotely accessible software and systems such as ERP solutions, project management software, mobile apps and IoT devices, the attack surface becomes larger and potentially more lucrative. Designs, bids, employee information and financial data are all at risk.

That risk can be reduced radically by making cybersecurity a priority for your business. Ask yourself questions such as: How would it affect my company if my employees’ personal data got into the wrong hands? How crucial are my designs and unique business practices to the success of my company? Could my business survive a digital disaster? (i.e., my company data was destroyed). If the answers to questions like these make you uncomfortable, you should embrace cybersecurity without delay.

Whether your firm has an IT employee or you outsource your support, consider these questions.

  • Are our IT devices (computers, servers, etc.) current on updates and security patches?
  • What is our business continuity plan?
  • Do we have a NextGen firewall and antivirus? Are they up to date?
  • What are our current Web filter rules and policies?
  • Is security awareness training in place for our employees?

The answers to questions such as these will help you determine your risk and what can be done to reduce it. Be proactive – make cybersecurity a priority for your construction business today. Contact Yeo & Yeo Technology for assistance with ways to improve threat vulnerabilities.

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