Notice to Our Clients: Client Service Changes in Response to COVID-19 as of 3-18-20

CPAs & Advisors

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As we continue to monitor reports of the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that Yeo & Yeo remains committed to delivering outstanding business solutions.

During this evolving health situation, the safety and well-being of our team members, clients, and families is our main priority. We greatly care about our communities and want to do our part to keep you healthy, keep our employees healthy and help minimize the spread of the virus. In that spirit, we are implementing more aggressive components of our Business Continuity Plan to assist in the containment of the coronavirus and help protect us all.

For our Yeo & Yeo CPA and Medical Billing Clients:

All Yeo & Yeo offices are closed to outside visitors through April 17. We encourage clients to use other means available to communicate and send information at this time.

  • Our professionals are available via email, phone, online meetings and video conferencing to continue to serve you.
  • We highly encourage you to use our client-friendly portals for the safe and secure transfer of information. Note, there is a setup period for new users that can take up to one business day at this time.
  • You may mail documents to our offices but, again, consider using our portals.
  • If the above methods are not an option for you, the drop-off of documents is allowable currently as a last resort. Please use the dropbox or slot where available/possible; otherwise, a drop-off area is established in each office to minimize contact for you and our professionals.
  • There will be no signing of documents on-site. Your Yeo & Yeo professional will electronically send documents for signature or mail required documents.
  • At this time, the government has not issued an extended tax deadline and, while our tax professionals will continue to be as timely as possible, please understand the circumstances we are all faced with may slightly delay the turnaround on tax returns while meeting the current tax deadline. We are monitoring and watching for further details and will communicate any changes that are announced regarding notice of a tax-filing extension.

All nonessential client visits are suspended through April 17. We feel that for you, your team’s and our professionals’ safety, it is best that we delay on-site visits/work at this time. 

  • Your Yeo & Yeo professional will help coordinate the handling of the needed documentation to maintain workflow as best as possible. For the transfer of documents, again, we highly encourage you to utilize our client portals.

 For our Yeo & Yeo Technology Clients:

YYTECH’s office is closed to outside visitors through April 17, except for equipment drop-off/pickup.

  • Our professionals are available via email, phone, online meetings and video conferencing to continue to serve you.
  • The drop-off and pickup of equipment are accepted at this time with safety measures in place to sanitize all incoming and outgoing equipment.

Nonessential on-site client visits are minimized through April 17. We feel that for you, your team’s and our professionals’ safety, it is best that we reduce on-site visits/work at this time.

  • Our IT professionals will make every attempt to perform service remotely when possible as a first resort.
  • We will continue to perform on-site support and maintenance provided the client and technician are comfortable with in-person contact, though again, let’s work to minimize where possible.
  • Our IT professionals will follow safety measures when on-site that will include the use of sanitizing equipment and wearing protective gloves with disposal of the gloves on-site.
  • Our professionals have been given the right to leave an off-site location if they feel their health is being compromised and, likewise, you may ask them to leave if you or your employees feel uncomfortable in any way.

 Other Steps Being Implemented Firmwide

Other steps we are taking to help prevent the spread of the virus include minimizing the number of team members in our offices. Several of our professionals will primarily work remotely from home during this time, while others are working alternate hours, creating social distancing for those in the office. This is not new to us; Yeo & Yeo has embraced remote and flexible schedules for years. Our information security systems ensure that our clients’ information will remain secure, even when we are working remotely. All team members are directed to stay home if they or a family member are sick. Further measures are in place should a team or family member be exposed or contract the virus.

These steps are necessary to preserve the health of our team and help curtail the spread of the virus while upholding our commitment to you, our clients. As we continue to monitor the impact of the coronavirus, we will keep you informed of further changes, including possible date changes of the above measures.

For ongoing reference, Yeo & Yeo has created a dedicated COVID-19 Resource Page on our website with information and resources to help navigate this situation. We will update it regularly as new information develops.

On behalf of all of us at Yeo & Yeo, thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time. Remember, we are all in this public health situation together. We wish you, your families and your teams much good health.

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