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Phishing Trends and Threats to Watch For


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In Q2, PhishLabs analyzed hundreds of thousands of phishing and social media attacks targeting enterprises, their employees, and their brands. According to PhishLabs Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report, Phishing volume in 2021 continues to outpace last year by 22 percent.

Key Findings of the Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report Include:

  • Cryptocurrency saw a 10x increase in phishing from Q1
  • Social media attacks were up almost 50% from January to June
  • 51% of credential theft phish targeted corporate Office 365 credentials

Phishing Attacks to Watch For

  • Abuse of Free Email Accounts: The use of free email accounts by threat actors has increased. Cybercriminals most commonly use Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and Outlook accounts.
  • Social Media Fraud: Fraud-related attacks are the most common form of social-media cybercrime. These attacks include the unauthorized sale of account credentials, exposure of banking details, and other financial threats.
  • Cryptocurrency Impersonation: Cybercriminals exploit the cryptocurrency industry by

impersonating cryptocurrency businesses to confuse customers and cash in on the sector’s skyrocketing growth.

How to Protect Your Business from Phishing Attacks

No matter how much money is spent on firewalls and antivirus software, phishing attacks find their way into inboxes. When all else fails, your employees are the last line of defense for your business data. Make sure they can detect cyberattacks with security awareness training.


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