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Quality Living Systems – Supporting Those Who Selflessly Care for Others

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Written By: Kellen Riker

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Quality Living Systems (QLS) is an organization in Flint that houses and cares for individuals with mental disabilities. The organization helps those who need 24-hour care and those living independently who need help with grocery shopping and other tasks. I have been a part of QLS for around 20 years, and I volunteer whenever I can with fundraisers and other events.  

My oldest brother, Jimmy, is a resident in one of their assisted living homes with 11 others. The staff have taken great care of him and even helped him get a job. They cook his meals, host different parties, and make sure to give him a comfortable life.

It is always great walking into QLS. The residents always have a smile on their faces when you show up. Even though they might not know who you are, they make you feel like the most special person in the world. And the staff are some of the most kind and patient people I know.

When I called to tell the staff at QLS that they had received a Yeo & Yeo Foundation grant, they were ecstatic. Through this experience and my time as the Foundation’s Grant Committee Representative for the Flint office, I have learned that no matter how small, donations of time and treasures go a long way.

I give back because I want to support those who selflessly care for others.

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