Reflections on the Past and Shaping the Future of Yeo & Yeo

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On this day in history, March 23, 2020, we faced a level of disruption none of us had experienced before. Two years ago today, Michigan’s Governor issued a statewide stay-at-home order for all non-essential workers. COVID-19 and the shutdown forced all businesses to adapt to entirely new circumstances.

We quickly realized that our clients needed us more than ever, and so did our people. Our professionals are the heart behind all we do – and so many faced immense challenges on the home front. We took this responsibility very seriously and in response to the initial shutdown:

  • Yeo & Yeo put its critical response team into action, ensuring the safety and support of our people, clients, families and communities.
  • Our IT Group seamlessly supported the work-from-home transition of 200+ professionals while our HR team met the critical safety and well-being needs of our people.
  • Transparent and timely internal and external communications became a daily priority.

During the onset of the pandemic, into the darkest days of the state shutdown, and now in emerging stages, we at Yeo & Yeo have continually focused on supporting our people, giving them the foundation to provide outstanding care and service to our clients and communities. Here are just a few stories our people shared as they reflected on the pandemic.

“When COVID emerged in 2020, our firm acted swiftly and sent out updates regularly on how we would be adapting to a pandemic-friendly workplace. We transitioned to remote work, which I appreciated because I became a first and third-grade teacher to my two daughters, whose school shut down. We were allowed, and even encouraged, to work flexible hours to ensure we could take care of our families’ needs. The way our firm handled the pandemic was far beyond my expectations, and I will forever be grateful for that.”Jordan Bohlinger, Senior Accountant

“I can vividly remember being in the office in March 2020 and going home thinking, ‘When am I coming back?’ Two weeks into lockdown, I had no fear anymore because I knew we would make it through. Our firm’s leadership genuinely cares about each and every employee. They made sure that we were able to effectively work from home, keep our families safe and balance our priorities.”James Kuch, Firm Administration

“The constant communication that Yeo & Yeo leaders demonstrated was huge. I got a call nearly weekly from a leader just checking to see how I was handling things. Early in the pandemic, a random package showed up at my door. It came with a very kind note and care package that I still have to this day. I felt that employees and their morale were Yeo & Yeo’s priority during the pandemic. I felt they genuinely cared about me and my well-being and made sure that I had the resources and support I needed during the extremely challenging times.” Marisa Ahrens, Principal

 “The start of the pandemic was an uncertain time for many employees at Yeo & Yeo Technology, including myself. I was pregnant with my first child, and the firm created an opportunity for me to work from home four days a week to help put my mind at ease. There is now more flexibility for working remotely, and this option has been great for my family and me.” – Julian Braem, Yeo & Yeo Technology

We worked tirelessly to take care of our clients. With all the federal programs that were made available, there was a lot to stay on top of so we could help our clients tap into the resources that would help sustain them. We were sending near-daily communications to keep everyone informed. I am incredibly proud of our professionals who went above and beyond to provide genuine support to our clients.” – Rebecca Millsap, Managing Principal

Reshaping the Future

  • Flexibility for our people. We offer hybrid and remote work plans in addition to in-office work to provide further flexibility and work-life balance for our professionals.
  • Open, honest and timely communication. We are committed to listening intently, responding authentically and alleviating potential challenges for our people and clients through knowledge, experience and kindness.
  • Technology advancement and innovation. We will continue to research and implement the most up-to-date and secure technologies for our people and our clients to communicate, collaborate and share information.
  • Agility for our clients. What sets us apart is our ability to adapt perfectly to the size, scope and needs of our clients. We are dedicated to remaining agile, helping clients respond to uncertainty with clarity and optimism.

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