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Reopening? Make Sure You Have a Unified Communication Strategy


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Many organizations have changed how they do business and communicate. As you look to restart your operations, it’s important to consider implementing a unified communication strategy.

We understand that every organization and its employees are in a sensitive situation as they return to work, stay remote, or consider a hybrid of both. With your employees scattered, it’s vital to have a communication system that you can trust in place.

Download our PDF “Sustaining Business in an Uncertain World” to learn more about many of the steps utilized in a unified communication strategy and why unified communication systems are a must-have for remote or in-office workers.

Read “Sustaining Business in an Uncertain World”

Unified communication systems are more than just phones; they incorporate many tools to help your employees stay productive regardless of their work location. Consider the following benefits that unified communications provide.

Full Cloud Communication System: Highly reliable phone service for making crystal clear calls, plus chat, file sharing, video conferencing, and more, all rolled into a single platform – accessible from virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.

Video Conferencing: Meet from anywhere with high-quality 720p HD video and audio meetings, and don’t sacrifice the benefits of a ‘face-to-face’ meeting.

Webinar Platform: Telling your story to customers is easier with a reliable platform. Presenters can use video, audio, and screen sharing to market products and services to audiences anywhere. It can help build personal connections, engagements, and trust by simply allowing attendees to see the presenter in real-time and engage through Q&A and live polls.

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