Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Overview

CPAs & Advisors

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The biggest tax bill in 30+ years has redefined the tax landscape. We are proud to offer our clients and friends an overview of some of the key changes affecting individual and business taxpayers.

Individuals: Have you reviewed how your situation will differ from 2017 to 2018 and beyond? Learn about the new tax brackets, exemptions and deductions, the Alternative Minimum Tax (ATM), the “Kiddie” tax and the effect on your estate plan.

Businesses: Be aware of the new deduction for pass-through entities, business interest deductions, bonus depreciation, the Section 179 deduction, and other business deductions and changes. Our industry-specialized CPAs and business consultants can help you review your company’s strategies to maximize opportunities through the new tax bill.

The time to plan is now. 

Read Now: Biggest Tax Bill in 30+ Years Redefines Tax Landscape (PDF)   

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