Technology’s Role in the Great Resignation

Technology’s Role in the Great Resignation


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In the battle for talent, a key differentiator for organizations is providing an exceptional and secure digital experience. A recent report by Ivanti revealed that 49% of employees are frustrated by the tech and tools their organization offers, and 64% believe that the way they interact with technology directly impacts morale.

In fact:

  • 26% of employees are considering quitting their jobs because they lack suitable tech,
  • 42% have spent their own money on better tech to work more productively,
  • and 65% believe they would be more productive if they had better technology at their disposal.

“The Everywhere Workplace has forever changed employee expectations regarding where they work, how they work, and what device they work on,” said Jeff Abbott, Ivanti CEO. “How employees interact with technology, and their satisfaction with that experience directly relates to the success and value they deliver to the organization.”

With the availability of innovative new technologies that both enable and support hybrid workforces, IT now has the opportunity to make a positive impact on broader organizational strategy. By taking ownership of the digital employee experience and working closely with the C-suite to accomplish common goals, IT can drive better business outcomes – from employee productivity to workforce retention. After all, the Everywhere Workplace is undeniably the future of work, and digital experience is its number-one enabler.

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Source: Press Release: New Ivanti Research Finds that 49% of Employees are Frustrated by Work Provided Tech

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