Putting the Finishing Touches on Next Year’s Budget

Three Considerations for 2021 IT Budget Planning


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According to Spiceworks’ Annual Report on IT Budgets and Tech Trends, 88 percent of businesses will increase their IT spending in 2021. We have identified three key things to consider when planning your organization’s IT budget for the coming year.

1. Remote Work
The coronavirus has made it abundantly clear that the need to work remotely is no longer a perk or a convenience – it’s a necessity. A recent Intermedia survey found that more than half of U.S. small business owners believe working remotely is here to stay post-pandemic. However, equipping employees with the tools needed to work from home can be a large undertaking with updates to hardware and software. In 2021, 17 percent of total hardware budgets are expected to be allocated toward laptops, which allow employees to take their office anywhere.

2. Security Awareness Training
The business shifts ushered in by COVID-19 have also resulted in increased concerns among IT departments. Both ransomware and malware attacks have risen dramatically since the start of the pandemic. From a cybercrime perspective, working remotely generally isn’t as safe as working in the office. While adapting to working from home, employees may have let their usual security procedures slide. Education is a key factor in prevention, and  Security Awareness Training is a cost-effective way to train employees to notice warning signs and stop an attack before it strikes.

3. Cloud-based Services
Cloud computing centralizes information in a single cloud infrastructure that is easily retrievable for employees working from home. Cloud-based video conferencing software and phone systems can integrate all communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one manageable solution. Our cloud-based communication service, YeoVoice, allows mobile devices to interact seamlessly with the corporate phone system anywhere, anytime, and on any device, creating a more flexible workforce.

2020 has been full of change for the IT industry. Increased emphasis on remote working has resulted in new cybersecurity risks and software demands. YYTECH can help businesses identify the best solutions to these challenges. Learn more about our suite of services.

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