Understanding Ergonomics and Wellness

Understanding Ergonomics and Wellness


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Your home office ecosystem encompasses everything you need to tackle your day. Take care of your most important essential—your body—with an ergonomic fit.

  • Keep your body in a neutral posture with your elbows close to your core, shoulders open and chin level with the floor.
  • Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at eye level, and the monitor is about an arm’s length away.
  • Follow the Sit-Stand Switch™ and alternate every 30 minutes between sitting and standing to improve your circulation, calorie-burn and insulin management.
  • And don’t forget about rest time. Take regular breaks to relax your eyes, wrists and body.

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As a movement company, Ergotron understands “ergonomics” is widely known, but narrowly understood. That’s why we’re sharing insights on vital ergonomic topics to help you move forward while you work from home.

Support a healthy mind and body. To make a stronger, healthier and more comfortable you, we need to talk about your physical and mental health. Did you know that movement has a positive impact on your mental health? Here’s how.

Thrive with movement. Taking care of your body and supporting a feel-good workday starts by merely adding regular movement to your work style. Whether it’s using a sit-stand workstation or leading a walking meeting, research shows that our heart, mood, back and neck will thank you.

Fire that frontal lobe. Did you know that your posture and your brain’s frontal lobe have a shared interest? Research shows that bad posture does more than hurt your neck and spine. It negatively affects the frontal lobe, which is responsible for critical tasks like problem solving and memory.

Get into the zone – your comfort zone, that is! The three-part ergonomic equation provides answers to the ergonomic problems you might face. Consider your workspace in terms of Neutral Posture + Voluntary Motion + Rest Time to find your fit.

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