Why Should You Care About CRM?

Using Technology to Future-Proof Customer Relationship Management Practices


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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, your organization may have had to shift the way it does business, either by adopting mobile delivery models, accommodating staff with children at home, or embracing remote work as the new normal.

This may mean you have to transform the way you manage your customer relationships as well. As employees adapt to remote work, it becomes critical to have a central repository for files, a history of client interactions, and a means of communication internally across teams.

Putting Technology to Work

Technology-enabled remote work means that your customer won’t miss a beat just because your staff can’t make it to the office. With a good CRM system in place and appropriate processes, any colleague can easily pick up the relationship thread with the customer because you have their history logged into the system, with all details quickly accessible to anyone in your organization.

Creating a centralized, cloud-enabled location means that instant knowledge share is facilitated, with the added benefit of reducing customer wait times. All you need is an internet connection on a smart device or desktop to access notifications and pipelines.

Sage CRM offers more flexibility for your workforce and more benefits for your customers, it:

  1. Enables more informed communication between your staff and customers based upon a knowledge of their history with your organization
  2. Allows for the successful collection of information about customers, which streamlines a better understanding of their needs now and what they may ask for in the future
  3. Eases efficient handling of tasks in-line with overall company goals or objectives
  4. Provides seamless analytics and reporting on outputs or campaigns

As we head into the new working normal, strengthening and adding flexibility to your business operations will empower your organization and people to serve your customers better no matter what.

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Information used in this article was provided by our partners at Sage.

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